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Common Server Scripts

by PoiXson/Mattsoft

Why these scripts?

I started this project when I had mistakenly had 2 crons running at the same time running the same backup script. This made a mess of my incremental backups, which I end up deleting and reverting to a few days back. This was when I decided to make a set of scripts which I can easily install wherever I may need them. I've also included a list of easy shorthand command aliases, and a few library scripts used by my other projects. I later created an rpm package for these scripts so it can auto-update along with the rest of the system.

Using the PoiXson Yum Repository

This repository is built for compatibility with CentOS and Fedora. You may also download the RPM files for manual installation on most OS's which support RPM. Additional file formats for these packages can be found at

You may run the following command to install the pxn repo into your system. This will allow you to easily and quickly install packages, and receive automatic updates.

What does this do?